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Carmen Piernas


University Research Lecturer

Nutrition, Obesity, Non-communicable diseases, Epidemiology

I’m a Nutrition scientist and my principal research interests lie in the prevention and management of non-communicable chronic disease through dietary improvements, in particular, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

I am currently developing a new research project funded by the Oxford CLAHRC which involves practical approaches to decrease saturated fat intake in primary care patients at risk of cardiovascular disease. This project will incorporate innovative approaches in collaboration with a major food retailer, which recently started to develop new technologies with potential for offering personalised advice on food choices. We aim to develop a simpler and inexpensive way to help people improve diet and prevent cardiovascular disease.

I’m also starting a large epidemiological project in collaboration with the University of Western Australia to investigate the dietary antecedents that lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease in the UK Biobank population.