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Daniel Tzu-Hsuan Chen

BSc PT, MSc, PhD

Research Fellow


In 2022, Daniel joined Primary Care Epidemiology group in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. His research area includes health risks behaviours epidemiology, particularly around smoking, tobacco use, and cardiovascular disease prevention. He is also interested in the use of health data to inform healthcare practice and policy.

He is currently working on projects in lung cancer epidemiology and inequality in treatment, diagnosis, and health outcomes related to lung cancer. Additionally, he is also involved in COVID-19 vaccination safety and efficacy studies for vulnerable populations, such as the immunocompromised, individuals with blood cancer, and pregnant individuals, using the QResearch primary care database.

Daniel obtained his PhD in Clinical Medicine Research (Public Health) from Imperial College London, where he worked on projects related to tobacco control and the global epidemiology of poly-tobacco product use.

Daniel is originally from Taiwan and holds an MSc in rehabilitation medicine from National Taiwan University. Prior to his PhD candidacy, he practised as a licenced physiotherapist in Taiwan and had worked in academic, non-governmental, and industrial settings as a public health scientist.