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Debasish Kar


GP Academic

  • NIHR Clinical Lecturer
  • Member - National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
  • GP appraiser - NHS England and Improvement
  • Sessional GP - Sheffield Urgent and Emergency Care Centre
  • Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer - University of Sheffield, UK
  • Honorary Senior Research Fellow - University of Oxford

Clinical, teaching and research interest

I am a GP with clinical and research interests in cardiometabolic disease. I have also worked in vaccine research, multi-morbidity, polypharmacy and evidence synthesis. My doctorate thesis is on developing a conceptual framework of the natural history of kidney disease based on smoking and glycaemic status. In my current NIHR Clinical Lecturer role, I am working on complex interventions at the primary care level to reduce vascular risk in people with cardiometabolic disease. I am also working with low- and medium-income countries to influence their policy on preventative work at the primary care level.   

My teaching interest is multi-professional teaching and developing an inclusive and diverse workforce at the primary care level.  

Outside work, I like travelling and playing chess.