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Georgette Eaton

BSc(Hons) PGCert MSc MCPara FHEA

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

  • Advanced Paramedic (Primary and Urgent Care)
  • DPhil candidate in Evidence-Based Healthcare
  • Trustee for Research College of Paramedics

As a clinical academic Advanced Paramedic, I am an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow under the supervision of Kamal Mahtani, Geoff Wong, Stephanie Tierney and Veronika Williams.

My DPhil project seeks to explore the impact of paramedics in NHS primary care, using realist approaches to improve understanding, support intelligent policy and make recommendations for future workforce planning. 

I am a facilitator and co-chair within the Oxfordshire Council for Allied Health Professions Research, and I'm a Senior Fellow International Collaborator in the McNally Project, dedicated to enhancing research capacity in paramedicine across the globeI am. I am also the Trustee for Research on the Board of Trustees for the College of Paramedics.