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Lauren Bandy


Dr Lauren Bandy is a post-doc researcher in the Sustainable Healthy Food Group of the Health Behaviours team. Broadly, she is interested in how the food environment shapes our diet and our health. Her research explores how food sales data and nutrition composition data can be used in combination to monitor how food companies are responding to government policies, including soft drink taxes and sugar and salt reformulation targets. She has also worked with external organisations including WHO, UNICEF and Bite Back to explore how food companies' responses to policies can be monitored.

After completing her DPhil at Oxford Population Health, she was awarded a two-year Early Career Research Fellowship before moving to the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. She has a Master’s Degree in Food Policy from City University and an undergraduate degree in Nutrition from King’s College, London.

Lauren is an active member of the Early and Mid-Career Research (EMCR) group, and is the Departmental representative for the Medical Sciences Division’s Research Staff Forum. Please get in touch with her if you’d like to discuss anything relating to the early career research community or if you would like to know more about EMCR activities.