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Epidemiology, Health Behaviours,Obesity

I am an Epidemiologist and a Health Behaviour Scientist with a particular interest in understanding how health behaviours and obesity impact CVD, diabetes, mental health, etc. Through my research, I aim to help people in batches rather than one at a time. 

I have joined the Health Behaviours team since 2019 and graduated with a PhD from Peking University Health Science Centre (Beijing, China) in 2021. I have profound experience in analysing UK Biobank, Qresearch and CPRD datasets and multiple Chinese national cohorts (such as CHNS, CLHLS, CHARLS) across behavioural science, big data and health policy.

In the meantime, I have conducted several trials using behaviour theory in patients with diabetes, hypertension in China. I have established close and solid working collaborations with Chinese universities, government officials, hospitals and community health centres.