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Nikki Newhouse


Postdoctoral Researcher

My primary research interest is in human-computer interaction, in particular the development and evaluation of complex digital interventions to support physical and psychological wellbeing across the lifespan. I use qualitative and participatory design methods to explore how people use (and don't use) technology in the wild.

My doctoral work at UCL focused on the potential of digital resources as a source of wellbeing support in first time pregnancy.

Within NDPCHS, my work largely focuses on the SuMMiT-D study where I am involved in the development and qualitative evaluation of mhealth resources to support medication adherence and self management of type 2 diabetes. 

I also run the department's Qualitative Journal Club.

I teach on the CEBM MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care (Critical appraisal of qualitative studies; Qualitative study design), on the Qualitative Research Methods Course (Sampling; Thematic Analysis; Academic writing) and on the Advanced Qualitative Methods Course (Advanced data collection methods; Communicating your research); in addition, I teach Interdisciplinary Approaches to Digital Health Development and Evaluation at UCL.