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Rachel Allan


Deputy Academic Lead for Undergraduate GP Teaching

  • GP Principal
  • Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

I have lead responsibilities for student assessment, teaching quality and tutor training. I am working to develop the use of technology both in learning and assessment, not only to enhance the learning experience but also to provide better information for students and staff about assessment outcomes to aid further development for all involved.

Through an improved process of quality assurance of our practices, which I have developed, we can be increasingly confident about the excellent experiences our students are having in all their clinical placements.

After graduating from University College London in 2004, I did my initial GP training in Oxford. I then spent 6 months as a Senior Registrar in medical education and general practice. I have been a Principal GP since 2009, initially full time and now working 2 days a week. I completed my Masters in Medical Education research project into improving the delivery of clinical teaching within the Oxford primary care setting in 2017. I have held many tutor and examiner roles in the department before being appointed as deputy academic lead in 2018.

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