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Rebecca Payne


NIHR In-practice Fellow

  • General Practitioner
  • Chair, NICE Quality Standards Committee
  • Member, NICE Technology Appraisal Committee
  • Communication Skills Tutor, Cardiff University


My research interests lie in how remote technology can facilitate the safe delivery of medical care. Too often patients go around in circles trying to access care, or get through to services, only to be told they need to access care through a different modality. Better understanding of when a remote consultation is appropriate allows safer, faster, and less frustrating delivery of care, as well as efficient use of resources.

My clinical expertise lies in urgent primary care. Previous roles include Unscheduled Primary Care Clinical Director, and National Professional Advisor on Urgent Primary Care to the Care Quality Commission. I have also worked as a GP for a private provider of video consultations, and during the pandemic was seconded to be the National Primary Care Clinical Lead for the roll out of video consultations in Wales. Drawing on these experiences, I am working on the Remote by Default 2 study, exploring how remote care is delivered in the urgent care setting.

In addition to my research role, I am a salaried GP for NHS Orkney, working 1 week in 8 as the Out of Hours GP for Mainland Orkney and connected isles. I chair NICE’s Quality Standards Committee, and am a member of NICE’s Technology Appraisal Committee. I am a qualified coach and teach Communication Skills at Cardiff University.