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Rik van der Veen

MSc PharmD

DPhil Student

I am a DPhil student in Primary Health Care under the supervision of Dr James Sheppard, Dr Constantinos Koshiaris, and Dr Kamal Mahtani.

My interests are pharmacotherapy and pharmacoepidemiology, with a special interest in evidence generation and effective evidence application in primary care.

The general aim of pharmacotherapy is to treat, prevent, or slow progression of a disease, with the aim to increase longevity and quality of life. However, the risk/benefit of drug therapy might vary over-time or might be unknown, especially in the elderly. Deprescribing is the term coined that describes the process of medication withdrawal or dose reduction under health care supervision and could be utilised to prevent medication-related complications, reduce problematic polypharmacy, and reduce inappropriate therapy.

My research focusses on detection of, prediction of, and long-term related health outcomes of medication reduction using CPRD. The aim is to generate evidence that could support health care professionals to guide them in the appropriate application of medication reduction.

I completed my BSc and MSc in Pharmacy at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands