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Sietse Wieringa

Honorary Clinical Researcher


Dr. Sietse Wieringa is an academic GP researcher at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences in the Interdisciplinary Research in Health Sciences unit at the University of Oxford where he currently works on research on the transition of the UK healthcare system to remote working as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. He holds a MSc in Healthcare Management from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and a DPhil in Evidence Based Medicine from the University of Oxford. His research interests include clinical decision making, guideline development, knowledge creation and translation, philosophy of science, healthcare system change, complexity theory, medical leadership and sustainable healthcare. He was trained as a GP at the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands (LUMC) and is currently clinically active as a GP in the UK as well as following a traineeship in hospital medicine at the LUMC in the Netherlands. Previously he was a Scientia research fellow at the University of Oslo and an in-practice fellow at Queen Mary University in London. He was co-founder of the GP thinktank Generation Next and the Platform of Medical Leadership in the Netherlands. He worked as clinical guideline update team member at NICE in the UK and helped develop a virtual social network, HAWeb for Dutch GP associations NHG and LHV.