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The Senior Management Committee were asked to reinstate their commitment to PDRs and share why they believe they are important.

Photo of Catherine Pope

Why do you think PDRs are important?

As a manager, PDRs give a longer-term view, so I can see how I can help appraisees achieve their goals. I hope my appraiser can do the same for me.

What benefits has it offered to you?

It provides a stock take, a reminder of successes and learning (& a chance to celebrate both) and a forward view to confirm I am on the right track, and to identify the support and development I will need in the year ahead.

How do you believe it will benefit members of your group?

Especially now, with lockdown and the huge challenges we face, PDR is a space to reflect and adjust goals to make them realistic. It's also a chance to acknowledge the fantastic achievements and contributions made over the past year.

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