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In 2019 we were lucky to be able to celebrate Organic September with an organic coffee morning!  Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming. Although we’re unable to gather together this year, we’d still love to hear from you.  Please share your favourite organic products with us in the comments box below or email us at   Thank you!

So in a nutshell, why choose organic?

  • Supporting wildlife:  Organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for bees, birds and butterflies. On average, plant, insect and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms.
  • Helping to combat climate change: On average, organic vegetable farms, dairy farms, and mixed farming systems use less energy than their non-organic counterparts
  • Supporting high animal welfare:  The Soil Association has the highest standards for animal welfare in the UK 
  • Enjoying food as it should be:  Choosing organic means that you are supporting farming practices with a more traceable production process and you’ll always know what’s in your food
  • Reduced exposure to pesticides:  In organic farming, all weed killers are banned – a very limited number of naturally occurring fungicides and insecticides are permitted and their use is severely restricted

Organic Best Buys: Tips from Ethical Consumer

Here are the editor's pick of their top 10 organic brands for September, all of which use the Ethical Consumer Best Buy logo on a number of their products.

Bird & Wild
Fairtrade and organic coffee whose production benefits birds and other wildlife.
Product Guides: Coffee

Essential Trading
Organic and Fairtrade wholesaler which distributes sustainable, ecological and cruelty-free products.
Product Guides: Cooking Oil, Rice, Baked Beans and more >

A supermarket on a mission to break the mould by putting customers, suppliers and employees first.
Product Guides: Supermarkets

Lucy Bee
Supplier of ethically-sourced organic and Fairtrade coconut oil and coconut milk.
Product Guides: Coconut Oil, Non-dairy milk

Pacari Chocolates
Made using organic ingredients, Pacari chocolates are also vegan and Fairtrade certified. Plus they're made in Ecuador meaning that unlike most other chocolates, more of the profit stays in the country.
Product Guides: Chocolate

Qi Teas
Award-winning fairtrade and organic teas supplied by Herbal Health Ltd, a small independent company which trades directly with their farmers.
Product Guides: Tea

Suma Wholefoods
UK's largest workers' cooperative and wholesalers of Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian and specialist foods.
Product Guides: Coffee, Cooking Oil and more >

By promoting their fair trade and organically produced food, Zaytoun supports farming communities in Palestine.
Product Guides: Olive Oil

Neal's Yard Remedies
One of the UK's leading retailers of organic natural health and beauty products.
Product Guides: Skincare products, and more >

Weleda is a company that produces natural organic beauty products.
Product Guides: Deodorant, and more >

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