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The Green Impact team loves this informative guide to ethical and eco-friendly living in Oxford hosted by Daily Info.

It covers everything from ethical shopping to joining local eco groups:

Veganuary 2020: recipes from our vegan bakes during coffee morning

Vegan Key Lime pie
Raw, Vegan and gluten free Key lime pie recipe here:

 Variant on it that replaces vegan cream cheese with avocado’s (yummy) here:

 Footnote* Maple syrup ingredient not essential as unless you are Canadian – it is expensive. Agave syrup, or a good quality honey works just as well.



You can also use Agave syrup or Maple syrup and for the coffee morning, 'moofree' chocolate drops were used (in place of nuts and fruit).


Cauliflower buffalo bites: 


Cheese onion roasted chickpeas: