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Staff should take any outstanding leave during their notice period.

When staff leave employment, their holiday leave entitlement is calculated on a pro-rata basis, at the rate of one-twelfth of the annual entitlement each month.  

Staff should take any outstanding leave during their notice period. Exceptionally, where operational circumstances prevent leave from being taken, staff will receive pay in lieu; payment will be subject to PAYE and NI deductions. Research funded staff will be required to take outstanding leave before the end of their contract.  Note that where people are transferring to another University department, the leave cannot be paid in lieu, it either must be taken or transferred (with agreement) to the new department, 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the HR team at 

Yes. If a member of staff requests annual leave whilst covered by a fit note and you approve their request, you are required to inform your HR, who in turn will inform Payroll of the exact period the member of staff is to receive holiday pay. 
Please get in touch with the HR team at 

You will receive any statutory sick pay (“SSP”) to which you may be entitled, but you will have no entitlement under any University sick pay scheme. You must complete the relevant SSP form and follow the Department’s sickness absence notification procedure.  

Yes for a week or two, if of mandatory age. They need to be 'shadowing/observing' not doing work that ought to be paid. No access to systems will be given, and they will need to have a heath and safety induction by their supervisor and a risk assessment. 



University rules state that a maximum of 5 days can be carried over at the end of the holiday year (except for staff who have taken family leave who are entitled to all their accrued leave). Exceptional arrangements were in place for staff unable to take leave due to essential COVID work.

There is no need to notify HR of carry-overs up to 5 days, they will be actioned automatically.

As an employer, the University must automatically enrol you into a pension scheme and make contributions to your pension if you’re eligible for automatic enrolment. 
You can then choose to either remain in the scheme or opt out. 
The scheme you are eligible to join will be confirmed in your contract of employment.

HR Leave

Yes, including any bank holidays that fall during the family leave period.

Yes, including any bank holidays that fall during the family leave period. We advise those planning to go on maternity / shared parental / adoption leave to take any accrued annual leave up to the start of their family leave and to agree a plan with their line manager for using up accrued leave on their return. If the maternity / shared parental / adoption leave period crosses over two annual leave years, the department may ask you to use up the balance of your annual leave from the leave year prior to returning to work.  

Full guidance on the difference types of family leave can be found on the University’s Family Leave pages  

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with the HR team at 

The University offers a comprehensive range of childcare options. For further information about nurseries please visit the University of Oxford Childcare Services. 

The link to access HR Self-Service can be found here. Use your university Single Sign-on and password to log on. 

If accessing HR Self-Service remotely, you will need to use the VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can find a guide on theVPN, or contact IT Supportfor assistance.  

If you are a casual worker, you will not have access to HR Self-Service. 

If you hold a substantive post and you do not have HR Self-Service access, please contact the HR team  

You will be able to access your historical P60s (dating back to April 2013) via Employee Self-Service Your HR Self-Service data | Staff Gateway (  

If you require an historical payslip (dated before 2013) then please email your request to 

You will be able to access your historical (dating back to April 2013) and current payslips via Employee Self-Service.

If you require an historical payslip (dated before 2013) then please email your request to 

Your remaining leave will vary depending on your work pattern. You can view your work pattern in TeamSeer. If you believe your entitlement has been calculated incorrectly, please contact the HR team at 

This cannot be done locally, please ask your line manger to contact the HR team, to ask them to delete this for you.

Overtime is applicable to support staff only (grades 1-5). Academic-related staff are not eligible for overtime; however, members of the academic-related staff who are requested to work on Bank Holidays will be compensated by equivalent time-off in lieu.  

You can request a timesheet from the HR team. 

Overtime must be approved by your line manager, who should send the relevant information and timesheets to the HR team who will process the payment.  

If you have any questions, please contact the HR team at 

The University salary grades automatically increase your scale point each year at the increment date for your contract type up to the discretionary range. You must have been in post for 3 full calendar months prior to the increment date to receive an automatic increment. See University salary pages for full details 

The University runs an annual Awards for Excellence scheme which can be applied for by self nomination or manager nomination when the scheme is live. Find out more at Reward & Recognition Scheme — Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford 

A grading request can be made by employees if significant changes have been made to the original job description. Please note it is not possible to request a regrade of a role based only on length of time worked in the role, or that the employee has reached the maximum scale point of the grade. 


All new employees are automatically registered for a University login, email, MSD and Nexus logins) when they join the University.  
If any your university card is coming up to expiry, please contact the HR team, who will arrange for renewal.  

The University uses a personal smart card (your university card) for building access and security control measures. Therefore, you have been given access to the necessary areas which your role allows. However, if you need permissions added your card to enable you to access to a building/room within the department which you do not currently have access to, please contact Jessy Morton. 

If you need access to a building/room within another department, please contact the necessary person within that department.  

If your card is either lost or stolen, please contact the HR team as soon as possible. Lost cards require a fee to be paid here, but this will be waived if you have a crime number for a stolen card, 

You will need to complete the Timesheet; your manager must authorise the hours and the form should be sent to the HR Team.  

All casual workers may be eligible to join to the NEST pension scheme.

All casual workers may be eligible to join to the NEST pension scheme. 

Your casual worker letter of engagement explains that the University has a duty to automatically enrol any eligible worker. The assessment for auto-enrolment for pensions is deferred for a period of 3 months from the date of engagement, so an engagement for no longer than 12 weeks will not become eligible for auto-enrolment.  

Further information about the NEST pension scheme can be found here

The HR Team will be in touch with you to discuss the redeployment and end of fixed term contract process. We do this 3-4 months before the end of your contract, in line with the university regulation here

We welcome any questions you have about this process. You can contact the HR team at





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