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Funding is available for the NIHR SPCR, please note the short application deadlines:

Funding round (fR) 18

Up to £450k available in this round for collaborative projects, up to 12 month duration. Projects may start from 1.4.20 and must must end by 31.3.21. Collaborations should be meaningful and include at least 3 partners.

How to apply:

    • Contact for assistance with costings by 17 January.
    • Applications (form, Gantt chart and costings sheet) need to be submitted to by 12 noon on Thursday 30 January please.

Funding round (FR) 19

£70k per partner for projects up to 12 month duration. Projects may start from 1.4.20 and must must end by 31.3.21.

The department will undertake an internal shortlisting process and produce a ranked list of projects to recommend to the Board to be funded. As before for internal projects we will apply the following criteria as well as the scoring criteria:

  • no more than one third ie £23,333 to a single project.
  • no more than one project funded per research group: more than one can apply but we will take the first ranked from each team consecutively until the funds are used up.
  • we expect teams to co-fund projects in kind or in cash to match the funds applied to.

How to apply:

Reviewing/ranking will need to be done between 17th-24rd January (ie early warning for SMC members please) so that we can make final decisions by 30th.

>  Application Costing - collaboration - Round 18

>  Application Costing - collaboration - Round 19

>  FR18 Application Form

>  FR19 Application Form

> Criteria for scoring SPCR internal projects