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Professor Trish Greenhalgh and Dr Andrew Papanikitas receive British Medical Association Medical Book Awards.

The British Medical Association's annual Medical Book Awards, which took place this week in London, recognises outstanding contributions to medical literature, with prizes awarded in 20 categories judged by around 400 volunteers.

This year’s BMA President’s Choice Award, chosen by Professor Dinesh Bhugra CBE, goes to Professor Trish Greenhalgh for her book ‘How to Implement Evidence-Based Healthcare,’ published in 2017 by Wiley-Blackwell.

This book makes sense of the complex and confusing landscape of implementation science, the role of research impact, and how to avoid research waste. It demystifies the implementation process and explains how to successfully apply evidence-based healthcare to practice in order to ensure safe and effective practice. The book was also highly commended in the basis of medicine category.

Reviewer Dr Emily Donovan said:

“It was very refreshing to read up to date research from this author, as the current MRes in Primary Care that I am completing refers to her research that was done 20 years ago! Due to the extensive research Greenhalgh has done, she uses her research to explain the theories and themes she discusses in this book.  I enjoyed this author’s style of writing, that is often very personal, unlike much of the dry reading on EBHC.  It has given me a better understanding of how to present my research to different stakeholders. I really liked the bit on abstract writing.  The need for qualitative research, or at least mixed methods research, in understanding how to implement EBHC was key for me and I am pleased that the social sciences are recognised as key players in implementing EBHC.”

Andrew Papanikitas and John Spicer at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2018

First prize in the primary healthcare category goes to Dr Andrew Papanikitas, with Health Education England’s Dr John Spicer, who are joint editors of the ‘Handbook of Primary Care Ethics,’ published in 2018 by CRC Press.

The book includes contributions from general practitioners, philosophers, nurses, physiotherapists, dentists, health economics, educationalists, patients and others to reflect the rich variety that makes up primary care.

Dr Papanikitas is also an editor of ‘Marketisation, Ethics and Healthcare: Policy, Practice and Moral Formation’, which was highly commended in the basis of medicine category.  

Professor Greenhalgh co-ordinates a one-week module on knowledge into action which is part of Oxford University's Evidence-Based Healthcare Postgraduate Programme.


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