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Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox joins the NIHR college of senior research leaders

Julia Hippisley-Cox

Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences has been newly appointed to the NIHR College of Senior Investigators for 2022, with two professors in the Department reappointed for a second term 

Researchers are appointed as Senior Investigators due to their outstanding contribution to clinical and applied health and social care research. They are described by the NIHR as being “among the most prominent and prestigious researchers funded by the NIHR and the most outstanding leaders of patient and people-based research.” 

Their role is to provide leadership to the NIHR Faculty, promoting research and mentoring trainees. They also act as a key source of advice to the Department of Health and Social Care's Chief Scientific Advisor. 

 New appointment in 2022: 

 Reappointed for a second term in 2022: 

The NIHR has appointed 55 new Senior Investigators in 2022, with more than half based outside of London and the south east. 

Following open competition, 55 NIHR Senior Investigators have been appointed in the 2022. In this 15th round, 30 new researchers have been newly appointed as NIHR Senior Investigators. A total of 25 current or previous award holders have been reappointed.  

This round of appointments brings the College of NIHR Senior Investigators to 200 active members, with 14 in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences.  



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