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We aim to give you all the support and guidance you need to involve PPI contributors in your research so that it is a successful experience for them, for you and for your project.

PPI staff from across the Medical Sciences Division have produced ‘PPI guidance for researchers’. This is available for anyone to use to help with their PPI activities. It includes information on the ways to do PPI, how to incorporate it at different stages of the research cycle, templates for you to adapt and useful contacts.

We welcome your feedback so please contact if you have any comments. Listed below are some other resources that may be helpful.


NEW! PPI training

We will be running PPI training sessions for researchers and anyone who has PPI as part of their role. There will be online and in-person sessions - register here or contact for more information.

PPI training flyer



  • You may want to consider different ways to involve the public, rather than just speaking with them at a trial steering committee or advisory group.  If so, there are a series of resources available to you as Inventive Involvement.  They also include ideas for how you may work with people differently in more traditional meetings, using different communication techniques and styles.  
  • The PPI Manager has a mailing list of people who have registered their interest in taking part in PPI - get in touch if you would like to contact them about your project.
  • PPI checklist - helping researchers apply PPI at every stage of their research.
  • Please give the Welcome Pack to new lay contributors on your project.
  • You can see how colleagues have done some PPI in our case studies
  • To help you work out your PPI costs - cost calculator
  • You can find the department's PPI payment policy here
  • PPI guidance from the Research Design Service
  • Guidance on working with public co-applicants on your grant here
  • To help you decide on your research questions - James Lind Alliance.  National non-profit making initiative which brings patients, carers and clinicians together to identify and prioritise the top 10 uncertainties, or 'unanswered questions', about the effects of treatments that they agree are most important. 
  • This PPI Researchers checklist helps you consider how you can embed PPI throughout the research cycle.  It has a range of help with links to useful resources at each stage.