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Antimicrobial resistance is a very real threat facing the NHS and doctors in training are one of the largest group of prescribers of antimicrobials. At times their antimicrobial prescribing will be appropriate, but on other occasions it will not. The goal of this realist review is to understand why, how and when inappropriate antimicrobial prescribing occurs and with this knowledge to make recommendations on how improvements might be made. Our recommendations will be developed with the input from a broad range of relevant stakeholders so that they are actionable and relevant to the NHS.

This realist review is an eighteen month project funded by the National Institutes of Health Research Health Service and Delivery Programme.


Oxford team to help in the fight against superbugs


Full project title:
Interventions to improve antimicrobial prescribing of doctors in training: A realist review 

Length of project:
June 2015 – June 2017






External collaborators:

University of Exeter:

  • Dr Karen Mattick
  • Dr Mark Pearson
Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Dr Nicola Brennan