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Summit d october
  • We have now finished all the initial development work on the system. The focus groups and interviews helped us move quickly to setting up the mobile phone system and the team are now preparing reports.
  • Following completion of the development work, we have been sending messages on a regular basis to nearly 50 people with diabetes. Many people have decided to continue receiving messages after an introductory 3-month period. All interviews with this group will be completed by the end of Jan 2019, after which we will be able to provide a summary of the results and how this might influence further development of the system.
  • The feasibility trial has now received full approval from our ethics committee and we will be starting to recruit people in the next two to three weeks. 
  • We have continued to work with South Asian people with diabetes to look at the way that text messages might be used in their communities. As a result of this work we are clear that much more work needs to be done on how best to use brief messages with this group.

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