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Peer Review

I have peer-reviewed for the following journals:

  • BMC Health Services Research
  • BMC Medical Education
  • BMC Primary Care
  • BMC Public Health
  • BMJ Open
  • Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Journal
  • Diabetic Medicine
  • International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education
  • Social Science and Medicine


Talbot, A. Ford, T. (2023) Knowing Me Knowing You: Patient-Led Methodology as an Approach For Researching Health and Illness. BSA

Talbot, A. (2022) Building a Infographic for GPs on Treatment-Resistant Depression with People with Mental Health Conditions. NIHR SPCR, PPI Grant.

Talbot, A. (2022) Experiences of Treatment-Resistant Mental Health Conditions in Primary Care: A Systematic Review and Thematic Synthesis. Conference Presentation, SW SAPC: Coming Together. Green Templeton College, University of Oxford. LEARNING GRANT.

Talbot, A. (2020-2023) Generating a Comprehensive Understanding of People's and GPs' Experiences of Diagnosing, Treating, and Managing Treatment-Resistant Depression to Improve Care Pathways. Green Templeton College, University of Oxford. ROSAMUND SNOW FULLY-FUNDED STUDENTSHIP.


Guest Lecturer, Politics of Evidence, MSc Translational Health Sciences, University of Oxford (2022-23)

Demonstrator, Individual Differences and Clinical Psychology: Core Practical, BSc Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford (2021-23)

Supervisor, Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies (OPUS), Abnormal Psychology, University of Oxford (2022)

Assistant, Short Courses in Qualitative Research Methods, University of Oxford (2019-2023)

Amelia Talbot

AFHEA, MA, BA (Hons)

Rosamund Snow Fellow (DPhil), Patient-Led Researcher, Junior Qualitative Researcher, ECR Rep BSA MedSoc

Research Interests

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Bipolar
  • Critical Realism
  • Internet-Mediated Research
  • Interviews
  • Medical Sociology
  • Mental Health
  • Patient-Led Methodology/ Research
  • Qualitative Research

I am a leading patient-led methodologist — I actively use my experiences of living with treatment-resistant depression and bipolar to inform my research. I am supported by the Rosamund Snow DPhil Fellowship which was inspired by the great and late Rosamund Snow who researched her own illness, type-1 diabetes. I am writing a paper 'what is patient-led methodology?' and have funding from the British Sociological Association to host a conference on this subject.

My DPhil investigates experiences of treatment-resistant depression to improve care pathways. My supervisors are Professor Sara Ryan, Professor Kamal Mahtani, and Dr. Charlotte Albury and I am based in the Medical Sociology and Health Experiences Research Group (MS&HERG). My background is medical sociology with a focus on mental health and qualitative methods. I have worked on other health related projects, including on women's health and LGBTQ+ identities.

I am a junior qualitative researcher in health behaviours working with Dr Dimitrios Koutoukidis on an RCT looking at the feasibility of weight-loss before bowel cancer surgery for people with overweight. I worked as an RA on a series of studies before this project including on ESRC diverse experiences of COVID HEXI project and the SLIM-CARD RCT.

I am the ECR Rep for the British Sociological Association Medical Sociology Group. I also blog for Mental Elf, an interdisciplinary Charity which reviews research articles on Mental Health with the aim to make this research more accessible.

I was the 2019 Ann McPherson Research Fellow. During my Fellowship, I worked and published projects on endometriosis, cohort studies, LGBTQ+ identities, and weight management. I also taught on the Oxford Qualitative Courses. I continue to support these sessions during my DPhil.

I occasionally teach in the Department of Experimental Psychology. In 2021-23, I taught and marked for the individual differences module. I have also supervised international students as part of the abnormal psychology OPUS programme. 

Pronouns: She/Her. #DisabledinSTEM

Social media


Recongnition Award (2022), Nuffield Department of Primary Care, University of Oxford

Dixon, S. McNiven, A. Talbot, A. Hinton, L. (2021) Highly Commended in the Research Topic Award,  Understanding GPs Perspectives, Experiences and Challenges When Supporting Patients with Possible Endometriosis in Primary Care. RCGP: A Fresh Approach to General Practice Conference

Dr Rees Powell Sociology Dissertation Award (2019), University of Leicester