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Amelia Talbot

MA, BA (Hons)

Rosamund Snow Fellow (DPhil)

I am the first Rosamund Snow Fellow (DPhil). My thesis investigates people's experiences of treatment-resistant depression using qualitative methods and social science theory. My supervisors are Dr Sara Ryan, Dr Kamal Mahtani, and Dr Charlotte Albury and I am based in the Medical Sociology and Health Experiences Research Group (MS&HERG). My background is medical sociology with interests in mental health and qualitative methods, although I have worked on a variety of health-related projects.

In 2019, I worked as the Ann McPherson Research Fellow in MS&HERG with my main roles relating to admin, data analysis, paper writing, and transcribing. During my Fellowship I worked and published projects on endometriosis, cohort studies, LGBTQ+ identities, and weight management. I also taught on many of the Oxford Qualitative Courses. I continue to support these sessions during my DPhil.

I also run the Oxford Qualitative Courses Twitter account alongside Dr Charlotte Albury. Together we have seen a steady growth in our followers and have come up with exciting marketing ideas. Please follow us:

Outside of my DPhil, I am working on publishing my master's thesis titled 'The 'Snowflakes' of Modernity: A Qualitative Investigation of Millennial Women, Anxiety, and the Challenges of Adulting in a Neoliberal Society' which investigates the label of 'snowflake' that some women internalise in an increasingly neoliberal Britain. I am also in the process of publishing three other projects. One is a collaboration with colleagues in Leicester regarding a physical intervention for adolescent girls and another with colleagues MS&HERG about endometriosis. The final is a weight-management project where I am lead author. 

Pronouns: She/Her.

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Dixon, S. McNiven, A. Talbot, A. Hinton, L. (2021) Highly Commended in the Research Topic Award,  Understanding GPs Perspectives, Experiences and Challenges When Supporting Patients with Possible Endometriosis in Primary Care. RCGP: A Fresh Approach to General Practice Conference

Dr Rees Powell Sociology Dissertation Award (2019), University of Leicester