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MSc in Translational Health Sciences

Anne Ferrey


Senior Researcher and Course Director, MSc Translational Health Sciences

I am a cognitive psychologist with a background in attentional control, behaviour change and the use of qualitative methods for intervention development. My interests are varied and include creative interventions, social prescribing, health behaviour change, and novel methods of supporting well-being and mental health.

I direct the MSc in Translational Health Sciences, which explores the social science of innovation. I am a module lead for the Behavioural Science and Complex Interventions module (translating cutting-edge research into effective healthcare interventions) and the Introduction and Research Methods for Translational Science module (understanding research methods and interdisciplinary working in the social sciences). I also supervise a large number of MSc and DPhil students.

Some of my research projects:

  • Hospital at Home/ Community Patient arts research project - a pilot study funded by the Oxford Health Charity exploring the feasibility of extending arts provision to patients in virtual wards, and outcomes related to health and wellbeing.
  • Crafting Heritage for Wellbeing in Iraq - An interdisciplinary project exploring the nexus between crafting, heritage and wellbeing for survivors of conflict in Iraq. We are developing a toolkit to help others develop heritage-related crafting workshops to improve wellbeing in communities affected by conflict.
  • Psychological Aspects of Vision Loss (PAVL) – a qualitative study examining the effect of vision loss on mental health
  • The Yarnfulness Project – a science engagement and research project looking at possible benefits of creative activities such as knitting or crochet

I enjoy public engagement, and have been a researcher with Science Together for two years. This year, I am partnering with the Oxford Lindy Hoppers to explore the effects of dance on creativity and wellbeing.