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Short Description

Dphil supervision

I am happy to supervise students across a range of areas in lifestyle medicine, cardiovascular disease, sports and exercise medicine and research methodology. 

In particular, my interests are in developing and testing lifestyle interventions orientated towards preventative medicine, but also treatment of lifestyle-related disease such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

I also have projects in communication of medical evidence to practitioners and patients as well as new emerging methods of evidence synthesis such as overviews of systematic reviews.

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Research Summary


1. The Evidence of Effects Page. This is a tool I created to help doctors and patients make better, more informed decisions around treatments related to their health. I am currently doing some research to see what doctors and patients think about the EEP and testing if the EEP allows them to obtain information related to treatment decisions in a more accessible and easier way compared to current information sources. See examples of the EEP here.

2. Exercise as medicine. This project involves conducting an overview of high quality systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials looking at the preventive and treatment effects of physical activity and exercise in people with major chronic disease. I hope to be able to provide more clarity around the role of exercise as a medical treatment. Read more about this project here.

3. How many calories? Now way! I'm putting together and interactive tool that will allow to check how many calories in takes to burn off your favourite foods, thus EMPOWERING YOU with knowledge to make better lifestyle choices. Here's a sneak preview of the tool (bottom of page).

Short Description

David Nunan


Departmental Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow

  • Research Member of the Common Room - Kellogg College

I am a non-clinical researcher and educator with interest in prevention and management of lifestyle related chronic disease with particular focus on physical activity, exercise, diet and cardiovascular disease. I am currently coordinating a programme of work on physical activity, aiming to identify its role in primary care, providing health care practitioners with the best evidence for physical activity interventions and how to implement these in practice.

I have an interest in the communication of evidence to patients, practitioners and policy. Projects include development of a new tool to aid healthcare decisions as well as methods to practice and teach communication of medical research and evidence.

I am also involved with several systematic reviews related to important clinical questions in primary care including physical activity, dietary salt, anticoagulation, reminder packaging and device guided breathing in hypertension.

Other roles have included coordinating a cohort study of self-monitored blood pressure, using Bluetooth and mobile phone technologies to diagnose hypertension, and a number of randomised controlled trials including one on the treatment of gout and another assessing self-management of mild COPD in primary care.

I have a collaborative interest in the role of central blood pressure and arterial stiffness in primary care. This has involved international collaboration with colleagues in Austria and Germany.

Finally I am involved in teaching and supervision across the educational activities within the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at both undergraduate and post-graduate level.

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