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Ting Cai

DPhil, MPH, BMed

NIHR ARC Research Fellow

Medical Statistics | Data Sciences | Dementia | Pharmacoepidemiology | Clinical Risk Prediction

Current position

Dr Ting Cai is a research fellow funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) Oxford and Thames Valley. In this fellowship, she focuses on dementia research using pharmacoepidemiological approaches and large-scale healthcare databases to explore the potential medications for dementia prevention and treatment.

Alongside the fellowship, Dr Cai is also part of the Cancer Research Group, working on the BLOTTED project that aims to develop clinical prediction models incorporating blood test trends for risk of cancer to help identify patients who need referral for further investigation.       

Research Interest

Dr Cai's primary research interest lies in the area of pharmacoepidemiology, especially evaluation of effectiveness and safety of pharmaceutical products (including drugs and vaccines) leveraging large-scale data from multiple sources, such as linked electronic healthcare records, national administration data, or population-based cohort data. She also has a continuing interest in clinical risk prediction modelling for disease diagnostic and prognostic research.

Dr Cai welcomes world-wide collaborations in these research areas and accepts requests for co-supervision of Oxford DPhil and MSc students in relevant areas.    

Background and Expertise

Dr Cai has years of experience in pharmacoepidemiology (and broadly epidemiology), medical statistics, and evidence-based medicine, with expertise in statistical analysis for epidemiological causal inferences, risk prediction modelling for disease or treatment outcomes, and advanced meta-analysis of clinical trial data. She also has skills and experience in data management and statistical programming in large datasets.

Dr Cai was awarded a DPhil in Primary Care Health Sciences from University of Oxford and her study was funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF). She also holds a Master of Public Health in Pharmacoepidemiology and a Bachelor of Medicine in Preventive Medicine.