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A cross-department theme of primary care research in Oxford

Clinical trials

Our trials team is an integral part of our department, and is involved in the design, conduct, and analysis of investigator-led multi-centred randomised trials that are carried out in collaboration with local NHS Trusts in both primary and secondary care. We are proud to hold UK Clinical Research Collaboration fully registered Clinical Trials Unit status, in recognition of our ability to coordinate multi-centre clinical trials to the highest standard.

The research themes of our trials unit are aligned closely to that of the department - focusing on infectious diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, behavioural medicine, and other topics of major national and international importance. Our trials address the important questions affecting health and people's quality of life.

Current trials in our large portfolio include HOME BP - investigating whether patients can self-manage blood pressure using online tools, and DROPLET - GP referral of overweight people to low-energy liquid diets.

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