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The national PRINCIPLE trial platform is evaluating potential treatments for COVID-19 infection.

Oxford RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre

Community surveillance of COVID-19 and research in partnership with GP practices.

COVID-19 Evidence Service

Rapid evidence reviews, data analysis and thought-provoking writing relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

Remote-by-default care in the COVID-19 pandemic

Addressing the micro, meso-, and macro-level challenges of a radical new service model

QCovid risk stratification tool

A data-driven risk prediction model for individualised shielding advice.

OpenSAFELY analytics platform

OpenSAFELY delivers urgent results during the global COVID-19 emergency and demonstrates the power of modern, open computational data science techniques for healthcare

CONDOR diagnostic evaluation platform

CONDOR provides a single national route to evaluate new diagnostic tests for COVID-19.

Learning from diverse experiences of COVID-19

We aim to understand how people from diverse backgrounds have experienced COVID-19.