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A key theme of primary care research in Oxford

Patient experience

Through our health experiences research group, we research experiences of health and illness, interviewing people about what it's like to live with medical conditions such as cancer, heart failure and autism. We highlight how personal narratives can inform policy and improve services.

Findings from this qualitative, interview-based research are published in social science and clinical journals, and on (which is owned and run by the DIPEx charity). has now become one of the most popular health websites, and has been ranked in The Times' top 5 health websites.

Many of the clinical research studies across the department include an element of patient experience research, demonstrating our commitment to understanding and using patient experience in all areas of health and care delivery. For example, the ARCHIE study - which is looking at the early use of antibiotics in "at risk" children with flu-like symptoms - includes a project looking into the experiences of parents whose child falls ill with flu.

As well as developing information and advice from patients for patients, health experience researchers in the department seek to shape health service delivery. A new project, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, is currently seeking to understand how NHS frontline staff use different types of patient feedback to improve health services, and develop tools to help them make better use of this data.

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