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Every member of staff should have the opportunity to have an annual PDR. 
- Professor Richard Hobbs, Head of Department.

What is a PDR?

The Personal Development Review (PDR) is a chance to review your development as a staff member. It is an opportunity to agree goals and objectives and should be viewed as a two-way process between the reviewer (often the named line manager) and reviewee.

What are the advantages of having a PDR?

Broadly speaking the review:

  • Is an opportunity to reflect on any achievement of, or progress against, agreed objectives and development goals and summarises achievements since the last review.
  • Allows mutual agreement, between both parties, of clear work objectives and clarifies expectations
  • Identifies any development needed to enable reviewees to do their jobs to the agreed standards and to develop capabilities needed in the context of becoming a rounded and capable member of the department.

The department's Personal Development Better Workplace Group works towards ensuring the department is a supportive and encouraging environment for all staff and students. These resources have been collated by group members and our HR team to help you make the most of your PDR.