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Interdisciplinary research at the interface between social sciences and healthcare.

Interdisciplinary research in health sciences irihs

IRIHS is a mixed-method research unit established in 2015, led jointly by Professor Trish Greenhalgh and Dr Sara Shaw.

The group aims to undertake excellent research and teaching across disciplinary boundaries, bringing together approaches and methodologies from clinical medicine, epidemiology, sociology, psychology, computer science, management studies, philosophy and social policy.



Doctoral students:

  1. Jill Russell (PT). 2011-. The rationality of rationing: a rhetorical policy analysis of deliberations about resource allocation in the NHS
  2. Dominic Hurst (PT) 2012-.  General Dental Practitioners’ knowledge encounters
  3. Nick Fahy (PT). 2012- . Why doctors don't follow guidelines
  4. Gemma Hughes (PT) 2012-. Integrated care in practice: a case study of health and social care for adults with complex needs considered at high risk 
  5. Adrian Rohrbasser (PT). 2013- .Exploring why Quality Circles work in Primary Health Care: A realist approach about how, why and under what circumstances they work.  
  6. Samantha Roberts (PT) 2015-. Application of evidence on affordability and the use of co-design principles to enhance delivery of prevention programmes for type 2 diabetes in an area of high prevalence.
  7. Tim Stephens (based at Queen Mary University of London, PT) 2015-. What influences sustainability of quality improvement in acute healthcare settings?  
  8. Sietse Wieringa (PT) 2016-. A qualitative study of how mindlines develop and their link with clinical guidelines.
  9. Caitlin Pilbeam (FT) 2016-.  Doctoral studentship linked to Wellcome SCALS Senior Investigator Award. Wellbeing and assisted living solutions.
  10. Richard Gleave (PT) 2017-. Providing Government with evidence-based advice on the public's health.

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