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Tourette’s ‘no laughing matter’ as comedians team up with researchers to tackle stigma

Building on recent research highlighting the unmet social care needs of adults with Tourette’s, academics from Bath and Oxford are teaming up with comedians with the condition to challenge the stereotypes and stigma that exist.

GP gut feelings may have a role in cancer diagnosis

The study highlights the art of General Practice - GPs can pick up a lot from the way patients behave.

Honey better than usual care for easing respiratory symptoms, especially cough

It’s cheap, readily available, and has virtually no side effects. Doctors can recommend it, finds research.


Was it possible to predict the areas most vulnerable to the negative impacts of COVID-19?

Stuart Redding and Catia Nicodemo, from the Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation, describe a simple metric that predicts which English CCG regions are most vulnerable.

Care organising technologies and the post-phenomenology of care: an ethnographic case study

Gemma Hughes reflects on research into care organising technologies, led by Professor Sara Shaw and recently published in Social Science and Medicine.