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Important information

Please note that these are simply potential project ideas - no specific funding is attached unless otherwise stated in the project description. For information on funding and scholarships please see here. Applicants are also welcome to submit their own project ideas.

Those wishing to apply for one the below projects will still need to submit their own research proposal. Your proposal should expand on the basic outline published below and should demonstrate: your knowledge and skills in the area; your ideas of how to approach the topic; any areas of your specific interest within the broader area specified and how you see the project developing during the course of your DPhil.

Producing your own, more detailed, research proposal gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your strengths more extensively than on a CV or application form and is a good way for you to make a strong impression on the selection panel.

Please check our course pages here for entry requirements and details on how to apply.

How to contact us:

If you have any questions about the process, please contact our Postgraduate Training Officer, Daniel Long (; for questions about the projects, please contact supervisors directly.

> You can also send us a question or express your interest in applying here


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Infections and Acute Care

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Evidence-Based Medicine and Research Methods


Health Policy and Systems


Interdisciplinary Research in Health Sciences


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