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Lucy Abel

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Extending the cost-utility framework to include health outcomes for both mother and baby in the economic evaluation of interventions in pregnancy

Supervisors: Professor Richard McManus; Dr Abigail McNiven; Dr Oliver Rivero-Arias (NDPH); Dr Helen Dakin (NDPH)


Hassan Sami Adnan

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Human-Centred AI Design to Develop Digital Health Artificial Intelligence for Multiple Long-Term Conditions (Multimorbidity)

Supervisors: Professor Rafael Perera; Dr Clare Bankhead


Maryam Ahmadyar

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Understanding interventions to improve access of homeless people to general dental services in England: A realist review and evaluation

Supervisors: Professor Geoff Wong; Dr Tanvi RaiDr Blenaid Daly (Trinity College Dublin)


Laura Armitage

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Investigating the health and economic benefits of a novel pathway for detecting undiagnosed hypertension in adults, using routinely collected data

Supervisors: Professor Andrew FarmerProfessor Stavros PetrouDr Thomas FanshaweProfessor Peter Watkinson (NDCN)


Francis Ayomoh

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Improving Task-shifting and Task-sharing to support essential healthcare services in Nigeria: A mixed-methods study

Supervisors: Professor Sara Shaw; Dr Gemma HughesProfessor Alan Silman (NDORMS)


Eleanor Barry

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Understanding ‘Pre-Diabetes’ From The Patient’s Perspective. A mixed-methods qualitative study to improve the success of diabetes prevention strategies

Supervisors: Professor Trish GreenhalghDr Sara Shaw; Dr Chrysanthi Papoutsi


Amy Booth

DPhil in Translational Health Sciences

Assessing the capacity of health systems and healthcare practitioners to adopt environmentally sustainable solutions in clinical practice - case study

SupervisorsDr Sara Shaw


Ting Cai

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Stratifying medicines for prevention of cardiovascular disease in Primary Care

Supervisors: Dr James Sheppard; Professor Richard Hobbs; Dr Constantinos Koshiaris; Dr Jennifer Hirst


Ashley Clift

DPhil in Cancer Sciences

Personalised breast cancer screening: development &validation of a novel approach using the high dimensional data source QResearch &linked data [DPhil in Cancer Science, hosted by NDPCHS]

Supervisors: Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox; Dr David Dodwell; Dr Gary Collins; Dr Simon Lord; Dr John Brady


Elif Çoker

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Design and implementation of social norm and identity driven behavioral interventions for reducing meat consumption

Supervisors: Professor Susan JebbDr Rachel Pechey


Kiana Collins

DPhil in Cancer Sciences

Personalised monitoring intervals for cancer surveillance

Supervisors: Dr Jason Oke; Dr Brian Nicholson


Francesca Dakin

DPhil in Primary Health Care

COVID-19: The long recovery

Supervisors: Professor Trish Greenhalgh


Nicholas DeVito

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Clinical Trial Registries and Results Reporting: Barriers and Best Practices

Supervisors: Professor Carl HeneghanDr Ben Goldacre


Sharon Dixon

DPhil in Primary Health Care

What knowledge would support improving the management of teenagers with dysmenorrhoea in primary care?

SupervisorsProfessor Sue ZieblandProfessor Julia Hippisley-Cox; Professor Katy Vincent (NDWRH)


Jienchi Dorward

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Point-of-care viral load testing and mHealth adherence support to enhance primary care HIV services in South Africa

Supervisors: Professor Chris ButlerDr Gail Hayward; Dr Sarah Tonkin-Crine; Dr Nigel Garrett


Christian Farrier

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Risk profiling of pediatric UTIs, how they present to primary care and the resulting long term health implications

Supervisors: Professor Julia Hippisley-Cox; Professor Anthony HarndenProfessor Chris Butler


Tori Ford

DPhil in Primary Health Care

(Mis)Managing Microbiomes: Experiences and Challenges with Chronic Vulvovaginal Yeast Infections in Primary Care

Supervisors: Professor Sue Ziebland; Dr Sarah Tonkin-Crine; Dr Abigail McNiven


Becky Garnett

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Supporting the implementation of self-monitoring of blood pressure - focus on complex pre-eclampsia screening intervention

Supervisors: Dr James SheppardProfessor Richard McManus; Dr Rebecca Barnes


Kome Gbinigie

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Improving the diagnosis and management of bacterial infections in primary care, with a focus on selected subgroups

Supervisors: Professor Carl HeneghanProfessor Chris Butler; Dr Anne-Marie BoylanDr Sarah Tonkin-Crine;


Lucy Goddard

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Hypertension Self-Management in Pregnancy

Supervisors: Professor Richard McManusDr Kath Tucker; Dr Nerys Astbury


Clare Goyder

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Screening for heart failure in the community: Exploring the potential role of natriuretic peptides

Supervisors: Professor Richard Hobbs; Dr Clare Taylor; Dr Tom Fanshawe; Dr Lisa Hinton


Anisa Hajizadeh

DPhil in Primary Health Care

The effect of dietary interventions in treating essential hypertension in primary care

Supervisors:  Professor Paul Aveyard; Dr Rachna Begh; Dr Min Gao


Ishbel Henderson

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Supporting the implementation of self-monitoring of blood pressure

Supervisors: Professor Richard McManusDr James SheppardDr Rebecca Barnes


Laiba Husain

DPhil in Translational Health Sciences

Scaling up the use of remote video consultations for COVID-19: addressing barriers of equity and patient acceptance

Supervisors: Professor Trish Greenhalgh; Dr Joseph Wherton; Dr Chrysanthi Papoutsi; Dr Teresa Finlay


Alexandra Jager

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Towards a framework for the incorporation of Big Data throughout the NHS primary care commissioning cycle: a realist synthesis and evaluation

Supervisors: Professor Geoff WongDr Chrysanthi Papoutsi


Bethany Jakubowski

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Self-management and self-testing of blood pressure and proteinuria during hypertensive pregnancy

Supervisors: Professor Richard McManusDr Kath Tucker Dr Lisa Hinton


Nicholas Jones

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Reducing stroke risk for patients with heart failure and atrial fibrillation in primary care

Supervisors: Professor Richard HobbsDr Clare Taylor; Dr Yaling Yang; Dr Margaret Smith


Mona Koshkouei

DPhil in Primary Health Care

The Operational and Clinical Impact of Regulatory Change on Pharmacy Practice: The Implementation of the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive in the United Kingdom

Supervisors: Professor Trish GreenhalghDr Chrysanthi PapoutsiProfessor Gary Ford (RDM)Professor Sue Dopson (SBS)


Koot Kotze

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Hybrid managers in primary health care: balancing excellence and effectiveness

SupervisorsProfessor Trish Greenhalgh; Dr Nick Fahy; Dr Andrew Papanikitas; Professor Steven Reid (University of Cape Town)


Charlotte Lee

DPhil in Primary Health Care

An Intervention to Encourage Healthier Food Purchasing: SCOPA (Sugar Swaps for Non Communicable Disease Prevention App)

Supervisors: Professor Paul Aveyard; Dr Carmen Piernas-Sanchez; Dr Felicity Waite


Joseph Lee

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Preventing infection-related cardiovascular disease in primary care

Supervisors: Dr James SheppardDr Constantinos KoshiarisProfessor Richard Hobbs


Jeremy Leslie-Spinks

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Researching patient-doctor dialogue in linguistic-phenomenological perspectives. "Painsong - exploring the lived-body experience of damaged dancers"

Supervisors: Professor Trish GreenhalghDr Marta Arnaldi (MML)


Meredith Leston

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Real-time benefit-risk assessment of vaccine exposure across a nationally representative primary care sentinel network

Supervisors: Professor Simon de LusignanProfessor Richard Hobbs; Dr Mark Joy


Melissa Little

DPhil in Primary Health Care

The use of a digital application to treat overweight and obesity in children: A feasibility study

Supervisors: Professor Susan JebbProfessor Paul AveyardDr Tanisha Spratt


Moscho Michalopoulou

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Dietary interventions to prevent gestational diabetes

Supervisors: Professor Susan Jebb; Dr Nerys Astbury; Dr Lucy Mackillop (NDWRH)


Abigail Moore

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Understanding acute functional decline and its relationship to UTI in older people living in care homes

Supervisors: Professor Chris Butler; Dr Gail Hayward


Liz Morris

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Dietary management of type 2 diabetes in primary care

Supervisors: Professor Paul Aveyard; Professor Susan Jebb; Professor Fredrik Karpe


Tonny Muthee

DPhil in Primary Health Care

The prevention and management of cardiovascular risk in Kenyan primary care settings

Supervisor: Professor Carl Heneghan; Dr Veronika WilliamsDr David NunanDr Anthony Etyang (KEMRI-Wellcome Trust)


Olu Onyimadu

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Health economic aspects of childhood obesity

Supervisors: Professor Stavros Petrou; Dr Nerys AstburyDr Mara Violato (NDPH)


Louise Pealing

DPhil in Primary Health Care

OPTIMUM-BP: self-monitoring of blood pressure in pregnancy

Supervisors: Professor Richard McManus; Professor Sue Ziebland; Dr Lucy Chappell (Kings College London). 


Sara Rotenberg

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Including Persons with Disabilities in Health Systems: Measuring Disparities and Improving Outcomes

Supervisors: Dr Emily McFaddenDr Sara Ryan (Manchester Metropolitan University)


Defne Saatci

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Understanding the early presenting features and long-term complications of childhood and adolescent cancer

Supervisors: Professor Julia Hippisley-CoxProfessor Anthony Harnden


Tara Seedher

DPhil in Cancer Sciences

Presentation, Diagnosis and Outcomes of Hodgkin Lymphoma

Supervisors: Dr Clare Bankhead; Dr Brian Nicholson


Shuranjeet Takhar

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Power and Participation: A Critical Race Theory Approach to Youth User Participation in Mental Health Research

Supervisors: Professor Trish Greenhalgh; Professor Kam Bhui; Dr Nayanika Mathur (Anthropology)


Amelia Talbot

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Generating a Comprehensive Understanding of People’s and GPs’ Experiences of Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of TRD

Supervisors: Dr Sara RyanDr Charlotte AlburyDr Kamal Mahtani


Elena Tsompanaki

DPhil in Primary Health Care

The impact of total diet replacement for remission of type 2 diabetes on disordered eating

Supervisors: Professor Paul Aveyard; Dr Dimitrios Koutoukidis


Amadea Turk

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Exploring the relationship between social prescribing and community networks in different socio-economic areas

Supervisors:  Dr Kamal Mahtani; Professor Catherine Pope; Dr Stephanie Tierney; Professor Bernie Hogan (OII) 


Jo Wallinger

DPhil in Primary Health Care

The educational and employment experiences of young people and adults with invisible neurodevelopmental disorders: patient-led research

Supervisors: Professor Trish Greenhalgh; Dr Anne FerreyProfessor Maggie Snowling (EP)


Jacqueline Walumbe

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Supporting successful self-management strategies for people living with chronic pain: a mixed methods study focused on those who have been excluded from or dropped out of pain management services

Supervisors: Dr Sara ShawProfessor Alan Silman (NDORMS); Professor Deborah Swinglehurst


William Warr

DPhil in Primary Health Care

From Evidence and Guidelines To Implementation: Development and Feasibility Testing the Implementation of a Brief Behavioural Intervention for Weight Loss

Supervisors: Professor Richard HobbsProfessor Sue ZieblandProfessor Paul AveyardDr Kate TudorProfessor John Bell (MSD)Professor Robbie Foy (University of Leeds)


Helene-Mari van der Westhuizen

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Translating policy into practice: reducing nosocomial Tuberculosis transmission in South Africa

Supervisors: Professor Chris ButlerDr Sarah Tonkin-Crine; Professor Trish GreenhalghProf Rodney Ehrlich (University of Cape Town)


Gina Wren

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Using Behavioural Insights to Improve Effectiveness of Digital Weight Loss Interventions

Supervisors: Professor Susan JebbDr Dimitrios Koutoukidis; Dr Jadine Scragg


Angela Wu

DPhil in Primary Health Care

Developing the evidence for active intervention to support smoking cessation in cardiovascular disease

Supervisors: Professor Paul AveyardDr Jamie Hartmann-BoyceDr Nicola Lindson