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albine moser.jpg

Senior researcher

Albine Moser is a nurse by background. She worked as nurse for 19 years in different countries like Austria, USA and the Netherlands. Currently, she is a senior lecturer – researcher at Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. She is involved in the teaching of nurse practitioners. She has a key role in the implementation of interprofessional education in the Faculty of Healthcare at Zuyd University where seven bachelor programmes are involved: language and speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, creative therapy, nursing, biomedical sciences and midwifery.

At Maastricht University she works at the Department of family medicine and the research programme Implementation of evidence and at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences she works in the research programme Autonomy and participation of chronically ill people.

Albine is the leader of the research theme Methods of patient and public involvement. She is involved in research activities concerning patient and public involvement in research and practice, and recently also in education. She has carried out many research projects always in collaboration with health care institutions. At the moment Albine is the leader of a nation-wide research concerning patient and public involvement in palliative care. Also, she is the leader of a research concerning the development of a quality instrument to get insights in the quality of the professional – patient relationship from the perspective of people who are communication vulnerable.