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The programme design has been informed by theories of experiential and reflective learning, selected as those most appropriate for post-doctoral experienced participants in the complex field of primary care research leadership.

These include:

  • Seminars from leading experts.
  • Masterclass seminars with an emphasis on practical learning and interactions with internationally recognised leaders from a variety of sectors including those outside of research.
  • Small group reflective work including the formation of action learning sets.
  • One-to-one coaching.

Action Learning Sets

Action Learning Sets are a chance to check, review, make amendments to understanding and develop an action plan within the confines of a small, focused and safe group. The concept allows participants to ask questions, check understanding and apply shared learning to their own situation.

This approach facilitates a learning environment where participants can develop their own situations, talk freely and open up to group suggestions, swap ideas and theories settled in their own research contexts and allow other members to think about their challenges in a secure, private and developmental structure. 

The learning sets play a vital part in allowing individuals to become a group and then a team. The teams exchange ideas and discuss both successes and failures in past or present organisational life. This allows participants the best chance of success in their future roles, giving them a supportive, challenging, operational focused way to think about their situation.  

Action Learning Sets will be formed on day 1 of this programme by dividing the participants into groups that have some similar work areas or interests. This allows for deeper discussion and stops the element of assumption influencing ideas at any early stage. Common themes and ideas emerge quickly and the group begins to become a team.

The learning sets will be encouraged to maintain contact with each other outside of the core programme activities.