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Research Fellow 

I am a research fellow in systematic reviews and evidence synthesis in the Centre of Academic Primary Care (CAPC) at the University of Bristol.

I have seventeen years of evidence based health research experience spanning academia, health care consultancy and NICE guidance development and have worked within academic primary care for the last eight years. During this time I have been principal investigator or co-applicant on fourteen successful grants and have published over 17 high quality peer-reviewed papers.

I am currently involved in seven evidence synthesis projects, of which six are in the area of primary health care and three specifically on the older population. The majority of projects in my time at CAPC have been related to the older population and multi-morbidity although as a methodologist I have also been involved in a range of health services research projects e.g. supportive care for cancer and domestic violence

All of these systematic reviews draw on my expertise in evidence synthesis using quantitative, qualitative and mixed data methodology. All my reviews either directly contributed towards the evidence base and or inform the design of primary studies.

This body of work has involved supervising, line management and teaching of researchers both within the University of Bristol and in other universities

I want to be a research leader progressing to Senior Research Fellow in the next year and then Reader four years later with the aim of supporting the broader development of evidence based primary care research both within Bristol and beyond.