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brian mcmillan.jpg

NIHR Clinical Lecturer (Primary Care) 

I am a NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Primary Care at the University of Manchester. I also work as a GP at Wincobank Health Centre in Sheffield. Prior to this I was a NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow and completed my academic GP training in August 2016, having qualified with a MBChB from the University of Leeds in 2010. I am a Health Care Professions Council registered Health Psychologist and worked on a number of health related research posts after completing my PhD at the University of Leeds in 1998. Before this I obtained a psychology degree from Queen’s University, Belfast in 1993. My current research interests include the development of health behaviour change interventions for the primary care setting. I am interested in how technology can be harnessed for health behaviour change. My most recent publications have been concerned with quality assessment of health behaviour change mobile apps, and the development of an intervention aimed at reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes in women who have had gestational diabetes. I am currently designing a project aimed at examining how improved access to electronic primary care records can foster a more collaborative approach to primary care.