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Carol is a Senior Clinical Research Associate and GP

Carol’s work investigates the provision of complex care in general practice, and the development of interventions to improve the quality of care in general practice. Carol graduated from medical school at University College Cork Ireland and completed higher training on the South East GP Training Scheme, Ireland. She was the first National Academic Research Fellow in General Practice in Ireland, and completed her PhD in the Department of General Practice, University College Cork in 2016. Carol then worked as Senior Research Fellow on the TRUST randomised control trial in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College Cork. For her research on multimorbidity, Carol has been awarded the Early Career Researcher Award from the Society for Social Medicine UK, the Royal College of General Practitioners’ Sheppard Memorial Prize and the Professor William Shannon Prize for Primary Care Research. She has funded her research with grant awards from the Health Research Board, Irish Research Council and Irish College of General Practitioners.

Carol’s research interests include multimorbidity, polypharmacy, and decision-making in General Practice; and quality improvement, systems engineering and the operational environment of general practice. She practices as a GP two days a week.