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Current position
• Department of Primary & Interdisciplinary care, University of Antwerp. Tenure track research professor
• Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium. Guest researcher
• General Practitioner. Netherlands

Key competences
• Practice of general medicine in different countries
• Health systems and primary care research, in different countries in Europe, Asia and Africa
• Linking empirical research with operational and strategic thinking
• Collaboration in national and international networks, with government actors, professional organizations

Ongoing research
Three focus areas:
1) The change in health care needs due to increasing diversity in the population, with a focus on vulnerable people and on multi-morbidity.

2) The organization of chronic care, with a focus on self-management support and collaboration with informal care givers and social care.

3) Transitions enabled by digitalisation: the potential of e-health and data management to improve health care organisation and patient-provider interaction.

Key ongoing projects:
• Horizon 2020 project SCUBY: scale-up of integrated care for diabetes and/or hypertension through roadmaps for national scale-up in: a low-middle income country with a developing health system (Cambodia), a former socialist country with a centralized health system (Slovenia), and a Western European country with a decentralized system (Belgium).
• Multimorbidity and its cost in the Belgium health care system: understanding the burden, cost and management of multimorbidity, through analysis of the national health insurance organisation data base.
• Determinants of self-management in people living with type two diabetes: examination of the motivational mechanisms of self-management and self-management support in Sweden, South-Africa, and Uganda. It builds upon a H2020 project SMART2D.