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christiane muth.jpg

I am a general internist and a primary care researcher. I hold an MPH degree from the Hanover Medical School. I am the key author of an evidence based guideline on chronic heart failure addressing primary care management, funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), and authorized by the German Society of General Practice and Family Medicine (DEGAM). The guideline makes use of a new method I developed, which I have called the systematic guideline review. This guideline was selected as source guideline for the development of a National Guideline (NVL) and for the disease management program (DMP) on chronic heart failure for nationwide implementation. I was elected to both the DMP expert committee, and the development group of the NVL.

Currently, I conduct the 24-month cluster-RCT ‘PRIMUM’ (PRIoritization and optimization of MUltimedication in Multimorbidity) funded by the BMBF. The primary objective of the study is to determine whether the complex intervention will improve the appropriateness of prescriptions compared to usual care. The intervention consists of a checklist-based pre-consultation interview and medication reconciliation by a health care assistant of the practice, the use of a computerized decision support system and a physician-patient consultation on medication related problems. It was found feasible in the 12-month PRIMUM pilot study.

In PRIMUM I collaborate with researchers from other BI universities: André Knottnerus and Marian van den Akker from Maastricht University, Rafael Perera and Jose Martinez Valderas (Chema, BI cohort 3) from Oxford University and several others are planned.

My ongoing research interests focus on clinical decision support in chronic conditions such as chronic heart failure, in particular in combination with co- and multimorbidity, on multi-morbid patients with poly-pharmacotherapy, and care management in GP practices, as well as methodology with a focus on guideline development and systematic reviews.

AG Allgemein- und Familienmedizin / Dep. of General Practice and Family Medicine

Medizinische Fakultät OWL / Medical Faculty OWL

Universität Bielefeld / University of Bielefeld

Universitätsstr. 25, 33615 Bielefeld