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guri rortveit.jpg

I got my PhD in 2004, on epidemiologic research on childbirth risk factors for urinary incontinence. Since then, I have used epidemiological methods for different topics, basically infectious diseases as well as incontinence. In 2005/2006, I had a research stay at University of California, San Francisco. In 2006, the Research Unit for General Practice was established in Bergen, and I was asked to take the position as Director of Research. Since then, we have expanded to be a unit of approximately 18 persons, mainly in part time positions. As a professor at the University of Bergen, I give lectures to medical students as well as PhD students. As part of the faculty at our department, I actively engage in discussions about research strategy and policy.

I work to enhance politicians’ awareness of both general practice and research concerning this field. I also engage in discussions about the framework GPs work under to strengthen the possibility for GPs to take part in and conduct research. I want primary care research in Norway to have higher ambitions with regard to relevance and quality. I hope the BI programme will give inspiration for future work on research strategy. I also think contact and collaboration with strong primary care research groups abroad is important and hope to establish such contact between the Norwegian research community and others through this programme.