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rupert payne.jpg

NIHR Walport Clinical Lecturer in General Practice 

After graduating from Edinburgh in 1997, I completed my basic medical training and MRCP in South-East Scotland, before commencing a Clinical Research Fellowship and PhD in the Clinical Pharmacology Unit in Edinburgh in 2002. I later obtained a Clinical Lecturer post (honorary SpR) in Edinburgh, in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and General Medicine. With the increasing management of chronic disease and general medical problems by GPs, and the fact that the majority of medicine use takes place in primary care, I felt that there was an excellent opportunity to combine clinical pharmacology with an academic career in general practice.

I therefore made a decision in 2007, supported by the deanery and both Royal Colleges, to switch from general medicine to general practice, whilst continuing academic and clinical pharmacology training. I completed training in both specialities in July 2010. I have since taken up the post of NIHR Walport Clinical Lecturer in General Practice, based in the GP and Primary Care Research Unit in Cambridge.

My research interests include pharmacoepidemiology, hypertension and cardiovascular risk, and the use of electronic health records and routine datasets. I am conducting a number of projects using routine clinical data, in the field of cardiovascular disease and the rational and safe prescribing of medicines. I have various teaching commitments, and continue to do one day a week in clinical general practice, as well as part-time out-patient work as a consultant in clinical pharmacology.