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kamal mahtani.jpg

I initially trained as a molecular biologist getting a BSc from Kings College London, before doing a PhD in Rheumatology at Imperial College London. It was during my PhD that I became interested in translational medicine. After that I went to UCL medical school and decided that General Practice was my preferred clinical speciality. However during my final year I wanted to develop my interest in translation research and came to The Department of Primary Care in Oxford and worked under Prof. Paul Glaziou and Dr Carl Heneghan, where I started learning some of the skills in Evidence Based Medicine. After finishing my medical degree I returned to The Department as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) where I was also awarded an Honorary Fellowship at The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. During my ACF post I developed an interest in chronic disease management and this led to my first Cochrane review.

In April 2012 I was awarded an NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer post at The University of Oxford. My specific areas of interest are within cardiovascular and muscular skeletal medicine. My most recent projects involve the role of direct thrombin inhibitors in atrial fibrillation, the role of lifestyle modification in cardiovascular health and diagnosis of MSK conditions in primary care.

In addition I am involved with teaching on various workshops organised by the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine as well as supervising students within The Department.