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  • New to health research or new to qualitative research
  • Master, pre-doctoral, DPhil or PhD candidates considering using qualitative research methods
  • Clinical academics, (including Academic Clinical Fellows, Foundation doctors,  research nurses and other health professionals)
  • Members of ethics committees and  research funding panels  wishing to extend their knowledge of research methods
  • Lifelong learners looking for a short introduction to qualitative health research 

There are no prerequisites for this course. People who do this course may go on to take other short courses offered by the OQC programme such as Introduction to Qualitative Interviews, or Analysing Qualitative Interviews, which prepare people to undertake interviews and analysis and involve practical work and individual feedback.


Please note that the ‘live’ teaching sessions for this online course will involve you participating in live, interactive Zoom sessions, which will fall between the hours of 18:30 and 20:00 (UK time). We are very happy to welcome bookings wherever you are internationally, but please make sure that you are able to attend video calls between these hours. These sessions will be a mixture of interactive discussion and review of your reading, with plenty of opportunities to ask our qualitative experts questions!


Learning with the book runs over 8 weeks and offers 1 and a half hours of online classes per week, with 2 hours per week of supported study.

Course structure

Week 1: Getting started

Week 2: Building blocks (chapters 1-3)

Week 3: Talking methods (chapters 4-5)

Week 4: Data from watching and reading (chapters 6-8)

Week 5: Analysis (chapter 9)

Week 6: Consolidate/extend your learning (chapters 10-11)

Week 7: Designs using qualitative methods (chapters 12-14)

Week 8: Quality in qualitative research (chapters 15) & wrap up

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Have an understanding of core methods used in qualitative health research and an appreciation of methods for qualitative analysis
  • Be able to describe common research designs that employ qualitative methods
  • Be familiar with terminology used in qualitative research
  • Have read the Pope & Mays text book

We provide:

  • Personal copy of Pope & Mays Qualitative Research in Health Care (4th edition 2020) as paperback or eBook
  • A set of worksheets and learning activities that combine to form a learning log and companion workbook
  • Additional learning resources, quizzes and self-evaluation materials 
  • Certificate of course completion