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Researchers in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences have expertise in a wide range of fields relevant to primary care. If you are a journalist looking for comment, please contact Dan Richards-Doran, Communications Manager - 01865 617870 

 Alternatively, contact our central News & Information Office - 01865 280528

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RECENT Coverage

Professor to deliver talk on antibiotics
The Oxford Mail report on an upcoming public talk from Professor Carl Heneghan.
Oxford Mail - 19 February 2018

BHF funds Oxford researcher to look at health impact of dieting
The Oxford Mail report on a new research project, led by Dr Jamie Hartmann-Boyce.
Oxford Mail - 15 February 2018

Blood thinners 'increase stroke risk for over-65s with kidney disease'
Commenting on the study, Dr Clare Taylor says the findings are surprising and should be treated with caution.
i - 15 February 2018

Two-thirds put off visiting GP for fear of bad news
Sir Muir Gray comments on research showing many people put off seeing a GP in case they were told they had a serious illness. 
Daily Mail - 15 February 2018

You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs
Report on the ongoing debate over vaginal mesh includes Professor Carl Heneghan's comments to a Parliamentary group.
Cambs Times - 2 February 2018

Webcam consultations leave GPs with LESS time
Research from Bristol, Warwick and Oxford finds alternatives to face-to-face consultations leave patients dissatisfied.
Daily Mail - 30 January 2018

'Damaging' contraceptive implant governed by 'kettle plug' regulations
Professor Carl Heneghan comments on the current rules governing the sale of implantable medical devices in the UK and Europe.
Daily Record - 29 January 2018

One cigarette a day 'increases heart disease and stroke risk'
Professor Paul Aveyard comments on the BMJ study, saying that it was wrong to conclude cutting down smoking was useless.
BBC News Online - 25 January 2018

Study into controversial flu drug recruits 2000 participants
Coverage of the Europe-wide ALIC4E study, led in the UK by the Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit.
Daily Mail - 24 January 2018 (Also reported by BBC Radio Oxford, The Oxford Mail, Belfast Telegraph, The Argus, and The Herald Scotland)

Practices sign up to trials for universal flu vaccine
Professor Chris Butler comments on the news that more than 800 patients have signed up to the INVICTUS Trial.
PULSE - 19 January 2018

GPs are told to give patients Tamiflu pills amid worsening flu outbreak
Professor Carl Heneghan comments on research evidence showing Tamiflu to be an ineffective treatment.
Daily Mail - 12 January 2018

Why do the majority of NHS staff not get the flu vaccine?
Professor Carl Heneghan agrees that take up is low due to uncertainty over the vaccines effectiveness.
BBC News Online - 11 January 2018

Obesity expert Susan Jebb says short-term dieting can bring 'astonishing' benefits
Professor Susan Jebb is interviewed.
Oxford Mail - 10 January 2018. Also appears on BBC Oxford.

Slashing 'sheer availability' of sugary snacks could curb obesity crisis, says Oxford expert Susan Jebb
Professor Susan Jebb is interviewed for the Oxford Mail ahead of Obesity Awareness Week.
Oxford Mail - 8 January 2018

Waiting times in the NHS
Professor Carl Heneghan comments on increased waiting times for elderly patients being admitted to NHS hospitals.
BBC Radio Oxford, Paul Miller - 4 January 2018

Is the rise of the robosurgeon a revolution or rip-off?
Research by Dr Ben Goldacre, looking at trials funded by robot companies, is mentioned.
Daily Mail - 3 January 2018 

Diet secrets and how to lose weight
Dr David Nunan comments on the evidence around fats and dieting.
Channel 5 - 2 January 2018 (available until 1 February 2018)

Unhealthy food hard to avoid... it's everywhere
Professor Susan Jebb comments on the new Public Health England guidelines for children’s snacks.
The Daily Mirror - 2 January 2018

Drug shortages cost NHS £38m as patients struggle
Dr Ben Goldacre's team produced the estimates which informed this article, and comments on the data.
The Times - 18 December 2017

Men 'much more likely to ask question in seminars' than women
Professor Trish Greenhalgh comments on a study showing men are two and a half times more likely to ask a question in an academic seminar than women.
Times Higher Education - 14 December, 2017

New Zealand bans vaginal mesh implants
Professor Carl Heneghan comments on the controversy surrounding vaginal mesh implants.
The Guardian - 12 December, 2017

Doctors 'not told about the full risk of vaginal mesh implants'
Article on vaginal mesh implants mentions comments from Professor Carl Heneghan
The Guardian - 12 December 2017. Also reported in BBC News Online (Scotland)

Twenty-five minutes to destroy your life
Professor Carl Heneghan interviewed on BBC One's Panorama programme about vaginal mesh implants.
BBC One, Panorama - 11 December 2017

NHS close to blowing entire winter fund on costly drugs
Dr Ben Goldacre, who runs the project, comments. 
The Times - 8 December 2017

Women harmed because of vaginal mesh regulation 'not fit for purpose'
Professor Carl Heneghan, who led the work, says many women have been subjected to great harm. 
The Guardian - 7 December 2017. Also reported in The Independent, Mail Online UK and Huffington Post UK.

Brexit could have unhealthy consequences
On the issue of staffing our healthcare system in the wake of Brexit, the FT cites research in the Lancet by Nick Fahy. 
FT - 5 December 2017

HEAT study recruits over 1,700 patients locally
Professor Richard Hobbs talks to BBC Radio Oxford about research on aspirin.
BBC Radio Oxford - 30 November 2017

Collaboration and competition: essential for research
Professor Trish Greenhalgh comments on the increasing obsession with metrics in academia
Times Higher Education - 30 November 2017

Professor Carl Heneghan discusses the news that NICE is to recommend that vaginal mesh operations should be banned from treating organ prolapse in England.
BBC World Service - 28 November 2017

Watchdog 'recommends vaginal mesh ban'
Professor Carl Heneghan comments.
BBC Online - 27 November 2017

Every step you take counts
Digital health researcher Dr Farzana Dudhwala talks about her research into health ethnography.
BBC World Service, Health Check - 23 November 2017

Health research projects highlighted at Limerick Symposium
Professor Richard McManus contributes to the research showcase at University Hospital Limerick.
Limerick Post - 20 November 2017

Jamie Oliver's sugar levy trial fails to win over experts
Professor Susan Jebb comments on the research.
Food Manufacture - 10 November 2017

Reliable resources for dermatology nurses
Article comments on the SKINS project, a department project led by Abi McNiven.
Nursing in Practice - 8 November 2017

Giving up sugar was the worst thing I ever did
Professor Susan Jebb comments
BBC Three - 1 November 2017

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