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The NIHR School for Primary Care Research (SPCR) provides limited funding for PPI activities to benefit the department as a whole. We recognise that PPI input is most meaningful when started as early as possible but that there is often not financial support available, so we are offering some of the SPCR PPI money (up to £250 per application) for this purpose. This could be for EMCRs wishing to submit a funding application or for DPhil students to carry out PPI activities.

You can use the funding for a wide range of activities but it is expected mainly to support:

1. Standalone public involvement activities (e.g. meetings or events) which will inform the development of a specific research grant application. It’s up to you to decide how to find and approach appropriate people for this work.

2. Establishing a longer term PPI panel where the need for this has been identified.

If you are awarded funding, you will be expected to write a short report about your PPI activities that may be published on these pages. You can read some reports of projects that have been funded: 

For more information, please see the application form or contact

Download the template reporting form here.