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Best Practice in PPI: Advice from patients and the public

We aim to give you all the support and guidance you need to involve PPI contributors in your research so that it is a successful experience for them, for you and for your project.

PPI staff from across the Medical Sciences Division have produced ‘PPI guidance for researchers’. This is available for anyone to use to help with their PPI activities. It includes information on the ways to do PPI, how to incorporate it at different stages of the research cycle, templates for you to adapt and useful contacts.

We have also developed some general guidance documents addressing specific topics that often come up.

Key points when recruiting and working with patients and the public

Recruiting patients and the public - general

Recruiting patients for PPI from clinics

Raising difficult issues

departmental PPI Payment policy and guidance

The Department has a PPI payment policy, based on payment guidance from NIHR, to ensure PPI contributors are reimbursed appropriately. As well as advice on good practice, it covers payment rates and signposts to further advice, such as if a contributor is receiving state benefits.

Please be aware that it is not possible for the Department to donate to charity instead of reimbursing a contributor. We advise that they accept payment and make the donation directly.

This guide gives step-by-step instructions on arranging payment for time and expenses for PPI activities.

For payment for someone's time taking part in PPI activities, please use the payment request form.

For payment of expenses, eg for travel or care costs, please use the external expenses form.

If your PPI contributors prefer to receive vouchers, please refer to the Department finance team's guide to purchasing these.

Best practice in PPI: advice from patients and the public

This video, Best practice in PPI: advice for researchers from patients and members of the public, was created by a PPI group which supported a DPhil project, and offers practical advice to researchers about working with patients and members of the public. It provides actionable tips to help enhance the quality and impact of your work through meaningful involvement activities.

The video formed part of dissemination activity planned and supported by the PPI group that were involved with Georgette Eaton's DPhil in evidence-based healthcare, which was funded by a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship (Award ID: NIHR300681). Additional funding for the video was received from the NIHR School for Primary Care Research.

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