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Health economists based in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences (NDPCHS) aim to deliver high-quality research focussed on economic aspects of health and healthcare in the UK and internationally. We apply a range of economic approaches that broadly aim to understand, and ultimately improve, healthcare and population health and well-being in different contexts. We aim to apply high levels of rigour in our research studies.

We work collaboratively with non-economists at the NDPCHS and elsewhere across the University of Oxford and beyond.

Our research is broadly structured into three themes:

Economic evaluation

Health economists in the department undertake a range of methodological and applied research that broadly falls under the umbrella of economic evaluation. This includes trial-based economic evaluations, economic evaluations based on decision-analytic models, systematic reviews of cost-effectiveness evidence, and research that aims to improve the methods that are applied by health economists generating cost-effectiveness evidence. View our projects here.

Measurement and valuation of health and broader outcomes

Researchers based at the NDPCHS are undertaking a number of methodological studies aimed at increasing our knowledge around how health and wellbeing should be valued in different population groups and contexts. View our projects in this theme here.

Health systems and health policy research

Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation

Researchers based in the Centre for Health Service Economics & Organisation (CHSEO) focus on whole-system analysis of the English health and social care sector and selected local health economies.

Our team

Upcoming events

American-European Health Economics Study Group - VI Edition

Thursday, 30 June 2022 to Friday, 01 July 2022 @ UPF University, CRES, Barcelona, Spain

This study group provides a forum of two days for bringing together graduates and researchers who wish to discuss work in progress and explore opportunities for new research related health economics. Participants are expected to attend the entire meeting and take an active part as either author or discussant. The gala dinner of the workshop will take on 30th June.