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Contact one of our researchers, students or professional support staff.

Lucy Abel

Health Economist, DPhil student

Hassan Sami Adnan

DPhil Student

Maryam Ahmadyar

DPhil Student

Laura Armitage

Wellcome Trust Doctoral Research Fellow

Francis Ayomoh

DPhil Student

Eleanor Barry

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow, DPhil Student

Anthony Bell

Probationary Research Student

Amy Booth

Lin Bowker-Lonnecker

Josh Brewin

Academic Clinical Fellow

Ting Cai

DPhil Candidate

Ashley Clift

Clinical Research Fellow

Elif Çoker

DPhil Student

Kiana Collins

DPhil Student

Francesca Dakin

DPhil Student

Nicholas DeVito

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sharon Dixon


Ryan Donnelly

Jienchi Dorward

Clinical Research Fellow & DPhil candidate

Ivan Duskov

William Elson

Doctoral Clinical Research Fellow

Iva Fattorini

Victoria Ford

DPhil Student

Lucy Frost

Academic Clinical Fellow

Becky Garnett

DPhil Student

Lucy Goddard

DPhil Candidate

Clare Goyder

Wellcome Trust Doctoral Research Fellow

Anisa Hajizadeh

DPhil Researcher

Laura Heath

Wellcome Trust Doctoral Research Fellow

Ishbel Henderson

DPhil Student

Jemma Houghton

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