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Lucy Abel

Researcher (Health Economics)

Christine Acourt

Clinical Researcher & GP

Julie Allen

Infectious Diseases Trial Manager

Jeffrey Aronson

Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist

Helen Atherton

NIHR School for Primary Care Research Fellow

Paul Aveyard

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

Clare Bankhead

University Research Lecturer

Clare Bateman

Clinical Trials Co-ordinator, BARACK D Trial

Sonya Beecher

Trial Administrator

Rachna Begh

UKCTAS Research Fellow

Claire Blacklock

Honorary Clinical Researcher

Nicola Blakey

Assistant Trial Manager

Anne-Marie Boylan

CLAHRC Research Fellow

Brendan Bradley

Clinical Data Manager

Chris Butler

Professor of Primary Care

Kate Cahill

Senior Researcher, Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group

Elisabetta De Cao

Research Fellow, Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation (CHSEO)

Tricia Carver

Senior Trial Manager

Luis Castello

Clinical Trials Programmer

Alison Chapple

Research Lecturer

Alison Clements

Senior Qualitative Researcher

Johanna Cook

Senior Trial Manager

Kate Corfield

BWeL Trial Administrator

Ben Cranfield

Recruitment Assistant (BWeL)

Joanna Crocker

Research Fellow

Charlie Cruickshank

Assistant Trial Co-ordinator

Mina Davoudianfar

Clinical Trial Manager

Mo Dawson

Research Secretary

Vanessa Eade

Research Operations Assistant - Health Experiences Research Group

Julie Evans

Senior Qualitative Researcher

Thomas Fanshawe

Senior Medical Statistician

Andrew Farmer

Professor of General Practice

Susannah Fleming

Research Fellow

Georgina Fletcher

Senior Scientific Manager, NIHR School for Primary Care Research

Marloes Franssen

Trial Manager

Lauren French

Clinical Research Nurse

Alice Fuller

Research Officer

Alex Gardiner

CLAHRC Senior Manager

Peter Gill

Honorary Fellow, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Margaret Glogowska


Ben Goldacre

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Muir Gray

Honorary Professor

Trish Greenhalgh

Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences

Robert Griffiths

Senior Research Fellow

Anthony Harnden

Professor of Primary Care

Jasmine Harvey

Research Fellow (CLAHRC)

Carl Heneghan

Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine

Linda Heritage

Respiratory Research Specialist

Nathan Hill

Senior Research Fellow in Primary Care

Lisa Hinton

Senior Researcher

Jennifer Hirst

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Jenny Hislop

Senior Qualitative Researcher

Tim Holt

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Kathryn Hood

Research Assistant (BWeL)

Jeremy Howick

Research Fellow, Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Anant Jani

Honorary Research Fellow

Sena Jawad

Clinical Trials Statistician

Susan Jebb

Professor of Diet and Population Health

Louise Jones

Trial Manager

David Judge

Clinical Trials Programmer

Sadie Kelly

Clinical Data Manager

Susan Kirkpatrick

Senior Researcher

Kyle Knox

Clinical Researcher

Tim Lancaster

Director of Clinical Studies, Medical Sciences Division

Daniel Lasserson

Associate Professor

Mei Lau

Clinical Trials Administrator

Su May Liew

Senior Fellow - Centre for Evidence Based Medicine

Nicola Lindson-Hawley

Cochrane Managing Editor & Research Fellow

Louise Locock

Associate Professor and Director of Applied Research, Health Experiences Research Group

Christopher Lovekin

Clinical Data Co-ordinator

Becky Lowe

Recruitment Assistant, BWEL

Michael Loynd

Lead Research Nurse

John MacArtney

Qualitative Researcher

Lynne Maddocks

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Coordinator

Kamal R. Mahtani

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in General Practice

David Mant

Emeritus Professor of General Practice

Angela Martin

Programme Co-ordinator

Barry McCormick

Director of the Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation

Emily McFadden

Senior Statistical Epidemiologist

Julie McLellan

Research Officer

Richard McManus

Professor of Primary Care

Abigail McNiven

Researcher: SKINS

Sharon Mickan

Honorary Tutor - Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Michael Moher

Primary Care Teaching Co-ordinator

Jill Mollison

Senior Trial Statistician

Toqir Mukhtar

Senior Epidemiologist and Statistician

Nicola Newhouse

Research Assistant

Alecia Nickless

Clinical Trials Statistician

Catia Nicodemo

Research Fellow, Centre for Health Service Economics & Organisation

Mary Norris

Clinical Research Nurse

David Nunan

Departmental Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow

Emma Ogburn

Senior Clinical Trials Manager

Jason Oke

Senior Statistician

Andrew Papanikitas

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in General Practice

Chrysanthi Papoutsi

Health Services Researcher (Realist Review)

Rafael Perera

Director Medical Statistics

Carmen Piernas

Postdoctoral Researcher - Diet and Population Health

Annette Pluddemann

Director: Diagnostic Horizon Scan Programme

Gosia Popławska

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - CHSEO

Tania Porqueddu

Qualitative Researcher (Ethnography)

John Powell

Associate Professor

Keira Pratt-Boyden

Suman Prinjha

Senior Researcher

Behnaz Ravanfar

Clinical Trial Coordinator

Stuart Redding

Project Lead, Centre for Health Service Economics & Organisation

Sian Rees

Director Oxford Health Experiences Institute

Ignacio Ricci-Cabello

Postdoctoral researcher

Jenny Riga

Clinical Trial Coordinator (Infectious Diseases)

Stephanie Robinson

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Heather Rutter

Research and Treatment Nurse

Sara Ryan

Senior Research Lead

Maria Salinas


Helen Salisbury

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Communication Skills

Ruth Sanders

Research Delivery Project Manager

Claire Schwartz

Research Fellow

Mary Selwood

James Sheppard

MRC Research Fellow

Beth Shinkins

Research Fellow in Medical Statistics

Sue Smith

Programme Manager

Margaret Smith

Senior Statistician and Epidemiologist

Rosamund Snow


Graeme Spence

Research Methods Fellow

Elizabeth Spencer


Lindsay Stead

Managing Editor, Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group

Melissa Stepney

Qualitative Researcher

Richard Stevens

University Research Lecturer

Jennifer Swettenham

Infectious Diseases Trial Co-ordinator

Kathryn Taylor

Medical Statistician/Epidemiologist

Sarah Tearne

Clinical Trial Manager

Ben Thompson

Senior Trial Manager

David Timmins

Assistant Project Manager

Alice Tompson

Research Officer

Sarah Tonkin-Crine

Health Psychologist

Sharon Tonner

Assistant Trial Manager

Katherine Tucker

Senior Researcher

Philip Turner

Researcher and Industry Liaison

Ann Van den Bruel

Associate Professor

Maria Vazquez-Montes

Senior Statistician (Methodologist)

Jan Verbakel

Research Fellow

Merryn Voysey

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Kay Wang

Academic Clinical Lecturer

Alison Ward

Director of Postgraduate Studies

David Watt

Data Entry Officer

Pippa Whitbread

Clinical Research Nurse

Merlin Willcox

Clinical Researcher

Veronika Williams

Qualitative Researcher

Nicola Williams

Senior Trial Statistician

Raphael Wittenberg

Deputy Director, Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation

Geoff Wong

Clinical Research Fellow

Yaling Yang

Senior Researcher in Health Economics

Ly-Mee Yu

Deputy Director Academic & Lead Trial Statistician (Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit)

Sue Ziebland

Professor of Medical Sociology and Director of HERG

James Duffy

NIHR Doctoral Fellow, Balliol College

Ali Albasri

Thanusha Ananthakumar

Academic Clinical Fellow

Helen Ashdown

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Madeleine Bastawrous

Academic Clinical Fellow

Niklas Bobrovitz

DPhil Student

Alexandra Cairns

Academic Clinical Fellow

Dylan Collins

DPhil Student

Abigail Eccles

DPhil Student

Seun Esan

DPhil Student

Ben Feakins

DPhil Student

Alexander Finlayson

Academic Clinical Fellow

Becks Fisher

Academic Clinical Fellow

Ben Fletcher

DPhil Student

Clare Goyder

Academic Clinical Fellow

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

DPhil Student

Gail Hayward

Academic Clinical Lecturer

José Hernandez

DPhil Student

Nicholas Jones

Academic Clinical Fellow

Joseph Lee

Academic Clinical Fellow

David McCartney

Academic Clinical Fellow

Nami Minorikawa

Tim Muntinga

DPhil (PhD) student

Brian Nicholson

CRUK Clinical Fellow

Igho Onakpoya

DPhil Student

Louise Pealing

Clinical Research Fellow, DPhil

Markus Schichtel

Clinical Researcher

Sarah Stevens


Oliver Van Hecke

Clinical Research Fellow, DPhil

Sophie Bailey

Primary Care Course Administrative Assistant

Julia Beese

Personal Assistant to Professor Andrew Farmer

Carla Betts

Executive Assistant to Professor Richard McManus and CLAHRC Project Officer

Vicky Colbourne

Personal Assistant to Professor Richard Hobbs, Head of Department

Ruth Davis

CEBM Centre Manager

Kate Farrington

NIHR School for Primary Care Research Communications Officer

Annabel Fish

Personal Assistant to Professor Richard Hobbs, Head of Department and Nicola Small

Karen Gardner

Personnel & Administrative Assistant

Gavin Hubbard

NIHR CLAHRC Oxford Communications Officer

Linnemore Jantjes-Robertson

Personal Assistant to Professor Christopher Butler and Professor Trish Greenhalgh

Zulema Jimenez Perez

Office Assistant

Caroline Jordan


Sarah King

Grants Officer

Joanna Lach

Office Assistant

Daniel Long

Postgraduate Training Administrator

John Mahon

Grants Assistant

Sam Monaghan

Finance Officer

Karen Morecroft

Administrative Assistant

Ellie Morgan-Jones

DEC Administrator and Personal Assistant to Dr Van den Bruel

Sarah Morrish

Personal Assistant to Professor Paul Aveyard and Professor Susan Jebb

Jessy Morton

Office Manager

Kristy Ravenhall

Admin Assistant - HERG

Karen Rhodes

SPCR Finance Officer

Ben Ricci

Finance Assistant

Dan Richards-Doran

Communications and Events Manager

Alice Rollinson

CEBM Administrative Assistant

Clare Wickings

Deputy Department Administrator & HR Manager

Emma Wiley

Primary Care Course Administrator